poignet d’amour 2018 Paris
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very easy to use, anyone can make it,
from beginners to experienced seamstresses.
ready to use, all’s in the pack, you just need scissors.

from Paris

an original & charming gift to offer as a kit or already made
for those who love handmade, and have a wrist.

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to make with love
bracelet poignet d'amour

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about 3 minutes to learn how to make the best of your kit.
a relaxing moment to make a bracelet in less than 30 minutes.


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a french play on words

a kit to embroider a bracelet


to make with love
bracelet poignet d'amour

receive your kit by post

in French phonetic it´s an expression meaning 
« love handle » and written « poignÉE d’amour ».
written that way it sings to handmade and jewel.

easy, quick and secured